Communication made easy

Video conferencing technology is a good alternative to an ordinary conference call. A simple conference may get the job done, but it may not be most effective. Being able to see your audience’s expressions can enhance engagement.

For out-of-town counsel, when weighing the options, you will find that video conferencing can prove an economic and convenient means to conduct your discovery. Video conferencing services are only available at the downtown Fort Myers location. (Laptops are available for Skype)

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A picture says a thousand words

We can handle the details necessary for arranging the videotaping of your depositions from the booking through the delivery of the final product.

Being prepared with videotapes of your depositions allows your juries to hear the testimony directly from your witnesses in times where your witnesses are unable to appear live at trial. Video depositions are more impactful than those simply read from a paper transcript. Words alone cannot demonstrate the pain, heartache or emotions your client experiences on a daily basis. Videos allow others to truly walk in the shoes of your client and work well for opening statements in trial, settlements, and mediations.